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ThoughtA's Build Guide: Entry Level Intel Gaming Build


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Comments (Continued)

ajdroc -3 points 1 month ago

Well an APU is a CPU with a GPU chipset. so there might be problems between the APU and the RX570 that is a GPU and performs like a 1050

Chromatikk 6 points 1 month ago

This is pure misinformation.

A) The RX570 performs well beyond the GTX 1050. See average benchmarks here: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-vs-AMD-RX-570/3650vs3924

B) APU and GPU will not "have problems". Plug monitor into GPU and update drivers. No issues.

DerBengel 1 point 1 month ago

I agree. A lot of computers have been built with a dedicated GPU but also had Intel integrated graphics.

One good thing about having both, is that if your GPU takes a dump, you will still be able to fall back on the Intel graphics until you replace your GPU.

ajdroc -3 points 1 month ago

it does not perform higher than an 1050 ti

LightningProd 1 point 19 days ago

It's actually about 60% faster then a 1050ti.

tmb1979 3 points 28 days ago


You need to look at this link. 1200 has no GPU integrated.

tmb1979 3 points 22 days ago

The RX570 smashes the 1050, the 1050ti can't compete either, you are either misinformed or trolling.



wittyjulian12 1 point 21 days ago

The reason being is because the ryzen APU's on the market dedicate .8gb of ram to graphical processing, this can be disabled through the bios however.