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GTA V weird fps fluctuations of each gameplay sessions

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sew333 28 months ago

Hello. So i am getting weird fps fluctuations in GTA V. Sometimes when i am playing i have 6 fps more than on previous session. Sometimes i have 6 fps less sometimes 6 fps more . Tested the same places in game with the same choosed details in graphic options. The same place in game, the same time of day , the same area. ( grassy place or city, no matter ). Sometimes i have 46fps. Sometimes 52fps. THE SAME CONDITIONS in screen ( no traffic, no peoples, no cars ) . Any ideas? I drive in the same place in game and have 46fps. In next day i drive there and i have 52 fps. Sometimes i run game with boosted 6 fps more, sometimes not. Any ideas? Tested with 980 ti on my machine and the same. No overheating, good cpu and gpu temps. 6700K stock GTX 1080 Xtreme normal clocks Corsair 750 RM For example. I drive in some grassy area without traffic,without animals. In screen only my character and grass. Sometimes i get there 52 fps instead of 46 fps. So there is anything in background. I tested with the same weather and daytime. And the same situation in other areas in game. Just sometimes i load game with 6 fps boost in any locations in game. Any ideas? Also no overheating, good temps in CPU and GPU. It is related to hardware or software?

I think its not the card, because on 980 Ti had the same situation.

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A5PECT 1 Build 1 point 28 months ago

I'd chalk that up to the game. GTAV is just inherently demanding and highly variable in performance. Even if you don't see anything on the screen there's a lot of background calculation going on to determine what, if anything, pops up on your screen next. Plus there are certain assets and graphical features that have to be regenerated dynamically so even if you drive through the same area multiple times there will be slight differences in how things like grass patches are laid out.