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Budget Single Slot GPU

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December454 28 months ago

After a bit of work, I have gotten my desktop to a position where all I need is a graphics card. Now the thing is though, is that it needs to meet some rather unpopular criteria.

First and most importantly is price: Keeping with the theme of this build, I really would not want to spend more than around $50-60. I picked up this PC in a lot of three for a total of roughly $85, and if I am lucky, I can end up parting out the other two and breaking even. I do not want to spend a fortune on this.

Second off and nearly as important is power consumption: I currently have a 300 watt Sparkle power supply which is not of poor quality but simply not that powerful. Along with that, it doesn't have any 4/6 pin connectors for video cards either, and given its output, buying any shoddy adapters would be even more pointless. So any card would have to be strictly motherboard powered however given my final need, that should not be difficult.

Lastly but perhaps not absolutely necessary is being single slot: My motherboard,the Intel DQ57TM is not designed for dual slot expansion cards and thus using one would would block a PCI E 1x slot. This is not the end of the world, but I would like to have all expansion slots free as, with the video card, I already plan on having three of them occupied.

As you are already likely thinking, older workstation/server grade hardware sounds exactly like what I need, and I have looked into just that. One card in particular that caught my eye was the AMD Firepro V5800. It has 1gig of GDDR5 and the same 40nm Juniper GPU as the HD6770 and meets all of my requirements. With some luck, I can pick one up, used of course, on ebay for around $35, but I am wondering if this is a good choice.

Any ideas are appreciated, and I thank you tremendously for your help.

Also if it matters, I have an I3 540 and 8gigs of DDR3.

Here is a helpful website for comparing obscure cards such as the V5800 If you are interested.

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KLehnert 1 point 28 months ago

I would try to pick up a used GTX 750ti. They need no extra power-connectors as far as I know and some models even only have a passiv cooler. It's a fairly recent GPU and chances are that a lot of people used it as a starting point before getting a better GPU, hence there should be a couple of cheap ones around.

December454 submitter 1 Build 1 point 28 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion, but I have looked into 750TIs before. While no longer new, they still are hard to find at a low price, and there are also only dual slot. I am however aware that such a card is a good bit more powerful than something like a V5800, so I will keep my eyes out nonetheless.

Thanks again.

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