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[HELP] NZXT X62 radiator fans revving up and down.

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aero29 8 days ago


I have issue with my fans revving up and down I change my fan set-up recently because the CAM software is buggy as hell! so what I did was connect the radiator fans to cpu_fan and cpu_opt and the pump to the dedicated aio_pump (mobo asus maximus 9 code).

Now my problem the fan constantly revving up and down!wheneve I do something like opening a browser normally cpu temp willl jump up and go back down fans starts to react to that causing the revving sound what settings in the bios can I do to get rid of it? or control via asus fan xpert?


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SuperSonic14045 1 Build 1 point 5 days ago

Chances are your cooler's thermal paste was poorly applied and that is what causing temperature jumps. Of course, this leads to jumps in the fan speeds controlled by the motherboard to keep the temperatures in check.

Try getting CPUID's HWMonitor to monitor your CPU's temperature and report back with what you see.

CrazyMonkeey 1 point 2 days ago

CAM has a setting for that.

Go to: Settings> General> Hysteresis

My Kraken x62 does the same thing... what CPU do you have btw? i am on a 1600x and getting about: Idle: 40c gaming: 53c Stress: 75-80c