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Unable to record a Video on screen

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aditijain 8 months ago

Hello, I am taking Lectures for my course. These lectures come over the internet and one has to install their list of software to gain access to videos.

Also there was restriction that such videos can only be played on laptop having screen less than 21 inch plus no HDMI or other outputs will be enabled.

It was mandatory to install K lite Code pack (2 times i.e. installation over installation).

I wanted to record these videos for my revision purpose but i was able to record only Audio.

I tried all softwares : 1. Microsoft Expression 2. Camatasia 3. Fraps 4. BB Flashback 5. OBS 6. VLC Media player

All are able to record desktop but as soon as that video comes up that portion becomes black.

These things are opened when video is played: (https://ibb.co/iUbcHo)

i can trace them here (https://ibb.co/ksqXiT)

These are .dll files and softwares that came (Video plays through content browser)[https://ibb.co/enxTOT]

This is how it records:-(https://ibb.co/erfF3T)

is there any way to record this?

I mean video must have entered somewhere as cache or something else to finally come up on screen.

Kindly help


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jakeSpot 2 Builds 1 point 8 months ago

Those sound like some strange restrictions.

I think what's happening is that there are some very heavy anti-copying/piracy rules on the lecture you want to play. (i.e. They don't want you to record their videos).

Try contacting somebody at the organization whom deals with the lectures.