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1600 Vs 1400

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SametMazi 9 days ago


I want this pc to last but I don't know if I will utilise the 1600. My idea was get it ready for university if I ever do anything CPU demanding. Just trying to lower costs as much as possible without ruining aesthetics or the extra stuff I listed below. I might just get 1 monitor as I already have a TV that I use for my ps4 (720p). What do you think?

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Gilroar 4 points 9 days ago

1600 or better yet the 2600 if you can afford it.

1400 struggles to separate itself from the 1200/1300X/2200G.

Because of the cut down cache of the R3/1400 they fall behind the rest of the Ryzen models in single core performance so for any serious work are unsuitable.

mark5916 1 point 9 days ago

Why does Windows 10 Pro costs only £20?

If that's from an illegal source, i would advice you to get an legit copy of W10.

SametMazi submitter 1 point 9 days ago

Software geek. How do you know it's illegal? Does Microsoft do any discount for students? Don't want to spend £100 on an os