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Want Opinions on Thermaltake View 37

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CharliePelletier 6 months ago

What is your opinion of the Thermaltake View 37? I am going with a 2700x/Vega 64 build and I saw this case and fell in love with the design. I have heard bad things about the airflow and the acrylic so I am considering other tempered glass cases. Is there any scenario in which I can make this case work or should I bag it and go with a tempered glass case? And are there any tempered glass cases similar in design to the View 37? If not, which cases would you guys recommend?


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TheShadowGuy 1 point 6 months ago

If you like the design of the View 37, I wouldn't worry too much about the acrylic. Airflow isn't the worst, just make sure you max out on fans.

The View 31 and 32 both come in tempered glass variants and they are cheaper. They don't have the same wraparound window though, nor am I familiar with any on the market that have a wraparound window made of glass.

There is the Core P5, which is essentially a glass box with a metal wall.

CharliePelletier submitter 2 points 6 months ago

I like the look of the Core P5. Do you know of any major downsides to the P5 like airflow?

TheShadowGuy 1 point 6 months ago

It's open air, so no airflow concerns. The three biggest problems are dust (it's open air, so no filters or anything keeping out dust), and putting it together in aesthetically pleasing manner.

If you don't mind tweaking your build and making sure you have riser cables and maybe compatible water cooling to take advantage of at least some of the huge rad mounting space, you could probably make it look pretty nice. It's even wall mountable if you have a mount and a wall that can support a behemoth rig.

Oh, that was only two. Right. The third is price. The tempered glass version is expensive. At $210, this isn't a piece you get for price/performance, you are looking for functional art. If the glass-box open-air design appeals to you, then I'd say it is a very good option.

CharliePelletier submitter 1 point 6 months ago

How do you feel about the Core P3 with the Curved Tempered Glass mod? It looks pretty damn cool.

TheShadowGuy 1 point 6 months ago

Pretty similar to the P5. If you don't mind the expense and dust, and enjoy the look, it's a decent option.