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My experience shopping for a monitor (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

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steve_a777 2 months ago

Not sure if I should post this in monitors, general or maybe off-topic? Apologize in advance if its the wrong section.

I wanted to share my experience with shopping for a gaming monitor. I ended up going with this one, which among a few others I had been eye balling.


Initially it went on sale the day before Black Friday, but I decided to wait. Good move I thought at the time,as it dropped from 899.99 to 879.99 on Amazon. I finally decide to take the plunge just in case the prices didn't stay past Friday (the prices did stay over weekend).

Fast forward to cyber Monday (today) and I decided to double check prices. Lo and behold Amazon (I believe to price match Best Buy) and Best Buy had it for 799.99 now. I called up customer service and politely explained the situation and they gave me 89 dollars back to my credit card - as I had already ordered and it shipped. Technically they couldn't price match due to it being a sale already but they understood the situation.

It helped that it was really the only thing I've been wanting making it easier to track, as I've had same monitor for about 5 years now and eager to upgrade to match my newer PC build.

Anyways just wanted to share my experience as I see a lot of people (myself included) asking for advice and thoughts on sales.


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