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Case Compatibility and Sizes

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TorinV 3 months ago

So, I'm a first time builder and am going to be ordering myself all the parts to do my build soon. An issue has arisen although, that the case I am using; Enthoo Evolv mATX, and the gpu; MSI GTX 1080ti DUKE, have a compatibility issue. The case specifies that the max gpu length is 319mm, and the card is 320mm. Should I be fine with this combo? I would't imagine that the case manufacturer would specify the max length as literately touching the front fans, and not allow even a mm leeway? Not sure though, what do you guys think? Thanks in advance Cheers Torin

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TorinV submitter 1 point 3 months ago

I've tried looking around for specific examples, the only issue is that it isn't the most common case, and there are a plethora of gpu options out there, so there seems to be no information about this specific gpu and case combo, let alone a general gpu length real life compatibility test with this case. Also, could I please get a clarification as to what you mean by "I wouldn't bet my life you're mistaken". Cheers Torin

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TorinV submitter 1 point 3 months ago

Thank you for the research you did, I also had a look around and couldn't find anything, my budget accounts for a second hand 1080ti though, because I cannot afford to put a new one in my build. So the $800 AUD that I have set aside for a graphics card don't really cover the cost of a 2080, it will cover a 2070 though, but I am not a fan of its lower performance compared to the 1080ti.

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