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Buying a used mining GPU?

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norcobikezz 3 months ago

Ok so im building my first gaming PC and im a complete noob at it. My budget is 2000$ CAN max which is about 1500$ US. My new gpu choices were a GTX 1070 ti or a RTX 2070.

I've come across a guy who sells his 16x mining cards and he is asking 450$ US for an Asus gtx 1080 ti 11GB, or 505$ US for a Strix gtx 1080 ti. He says he bought them in may 2018 and had them running for only 2 months.

I need your opinions. Is it worth taking a risk considering this will be 650$ /675$ from my 2k$ CAN Budget. Or should i just stick with a brand new card to keep my mind and money safe?

Thanks in advance :D

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Rin_Itoh 1 point 3 months ago

What games or programs are you trying to run? What settings? Would you be buying this off a site like eBay, or a site like craigslist?

I can't recommend the RTX line of cards at this point. There is limited game support, the price to performance is atrocious, and there have been a high number of failing FE cards. I can recommend the 10 series of cards. They offer great performance and for the price you can buy used there are great! If you are going to be playing at 1080p or 1440p then I would recommend a GTX 1070 from a used site like eBay. You can find them (at least in the states) right around $235 USD or about $315 CAD.

As far as buying a mining card in general, you should be fine if they are from the Ethereum craze and not the Bitcoin craze. So, if it is a 10 series Nvidia card or a 500 series AMD card you should be fine. I would wary about buying anything older than that that was used for mining. This is because on the Bitcoin craze the miners would cram as many cards together as they could which reduced the fresh air the cards could get. They also OCed the cards to get the max hash rate. On the second craze people had figured out the sweet spot in terms of performance and power draw (one of the biggest side effects of mining). This resulted in using fewer cards per rig to allow them to breath better, and many went as far as to undervolt the GPU so that it didn't draw as much power. The Ethereum cards are in much better condition when compared to the Bitcoin cards. So long as you buy through a site like eBay that has buyer/ seller protection you should be fine. I would be cautious about buying from a site like Craigslist where there is no guarantee that the product will work or that you can get your money back other than the seller's word.

Christopheralex 1 point 3 months ago

I would just go with a new 2070.

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