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2 GPUs for 2 Monitors

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fluffy57 3 months ago

Hey guys. So the thing is I have two monitors, but one of them is so old it only has VGA input. Whereas my GTX 1060 does not have VGA. I wanted to get DVI-D to VGA converter but than I got an idea of plugging in my old GPU in the second slot. So right now I have GTX 1060 connected to my main monitor and GT 630 connected to my second VGA one and... it kinda works. My questions are:
1) Is it safe and normal to run this kind of setup?
2) What are limitations to this setup, if they even exist?
3) How does it even work?
4) Does each GPU calculate their own fps for each monitor or they are somehow connected?
5) What happens if I have GPU dependable window that is "split in half" between two monitors? (Like a game maybe?)

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Root_User 2 points 3 months ago

General suggestions for two cards:

  • PCIe slots (physical slots, as well as the desired lanes) with appropriate spacing, or risers.

  • Sufficient power (and power connectors) for both cards and the rest of your system. Make sure you're using a quality PSU.

  • A good cooling solution that will work well for the loads you plan on running.

Other than that, consider the graphical workloads on the two monitors largely independent. You may run into driver issues attempting this on some Linux distributions, but recent Windows versions should be all right.

fluffy57 submitter 1 point 3 months ago

Thanks for the reply! I'm not too concerned with power issues, I have a very good Seasonic PSU and I don't really plan any heavy GPU loads anyway.
I thought GPUs will act idependently as you mentioned, but then I tried running a game in a window and dragging it in between screens and over to the second. And the whole time the load was on the main monitor's GPU. Could it be the second GPU acted as adapter for that purpose? I'm very curious on how it works.

bucketofcrud12 4 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

just get an adapter. they're cheap. you can do it, but it may require a few extra steps. youtube is your friend.

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fluffy57 submitter 1 point 3 months ago

Thanks! I have Ryzen 2600, so there is no IGP. I will likely get an adapter as it's just couple bucks (although as far as I know it only supports up to 1080p resolution, whereas my monitor is 1152). I'm just genuinely curious about how exactly this setup works.

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