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1440p 100+Hz 21:9 suggestions

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Jeff_M 3 months ago

I'm starting to look at options for an ultrawide monitor, was wondering if anyone had experience with the Samsung CF791; that one caught my eye as a decent candidate. It's VA, which I've seen in my research is supposedly bad for racing or fast paced games, and I do play racing games (primarily Forza and F1 right now, Project Cars 3 whenever that comes out), but I've also read that ghosting is not really a problem with the newer Samsung panels. I would also use this panel for work and watching movies, so VA would be beneficial there. Still a couple months out from a purchase so I can set aside extra cash, but wanted to get a head start on figuring out what to get.

Gsync/Freesync don't matter to me, and anyway with Nvidia opening up support I should still be able to take advantage of Freesync with an Nvidia card; even if it's not been validated by Nvidia, based on some research done by Tim on HUB any Freesync panel that works without issues on AMD should be fine with Nvidia. The specs I do want to hit are 1440p, 100+Hz, and VESA compatible, so if anyone has suggestions for other panels, I'm definitely open to it. Overall budget is not really an issue, though I would expect to be in the 700-1000 USD range.

TL;DR, looking for 21:9 monitor suggestions, want 1440p, 100+Hz, VESA compatible, leaning towards VA panel, primary use is gaming, also work and movies, budget is flexible but expecting 700-1000 USD.

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MannyPCs 1 point 3 months ago

IMO get the CF791 or the Alienware 34". I know the Dell is G-Sync but it is only $829 right now and your just getting an excellent all round monitor with that one.

Jeff_M submitter 1 Build 1 point 3 months ago

Cool, thanks for the suggestion. The CF791 (or I guess C34F791? idk monitor names are dumb) is top of the list right now, seems pretty much impossible to beat at the current price, currently $749 on Samsung's own website and B&H.