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Remove old files, also create video highlight reels; what is the best rig for fast file compare and video clip extracting?

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JimTPartPicks 2 months ago


I want to be able to compare old files, archives and backups and kill off dupes. I have some file comparison utilities, but I'm always looking for suggestions.

I also want to be able to scan through video files to clip out parts I want. I have many hours of the kid playing softball, orchestra concerts, etc. I'd like to be able to watch them at high speeds, then edit out short bits... maybe 5-20 second clips... and maybe edit them back together into highlight videos. Not at all sure what software to use.

It seems to me I'm looking for a machine that has very fast drives, controllers, and throughput. I suspect also a very fast processor, motherboard and chipset, RAM, and drives. Doesn't seem like I need a gaming video card, but maybe I should have one which can connect to two monitors, or can do nicely with multiple video windows running on the same screen.

Is an i7 a good choice? I should be able to use the built in graphics with that, right?

Ideas? Suggestions? Where do I start my research?

Anyone see any existing builds for this sort of thing?

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JimTPartPicks submitter 1 point 2 months ago

I've learned a number of things since I made this post. One thing seems certain, this wasn't the correct place to put it. I've also tried to clarify some things and to conform more closely to a template that is provided. I'm not sure if I should delete this one, as it is, in fact, getting views. For those who are interested in helping me, perhaps it would be best to go to the hopefully improved posting: