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Windows 10 on Hard drive or SSD?

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SteveS15 18 days ago

Some people I hear say that windows runs faster if install it on a SSD drive. My old computers had one hard drive and windows of course was in there. Over time the computers would slow down. Every time I see Disk in task manager at 100% which annoys me every time I boot up my computer. I already have the parts to build my first PC but I have a question. Do I install Windows 10 on the SSD or the hard drive?

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DaMysteryMan 1 Build 5 points 17 days ago

The entire point of an SSD is faster boot speeds, use HDDs for mass storage where speed is irrelevant.

VictoriusII 4 points 17 days ago

On the ssd, faster loading times.

AceBalthazar 3 Builds 4 points 17 days ago

SSD hands down. there is zero reason to install a modern copy of windows on a mechanical hard drive