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Junior1210 1 month ago

Since I got my tax refunds I went ahead and ordered several parts to upgrade my system. What I've found really surprising was how Newegg now offers free shipping to a FedEx pick up/drop off location. This is ideal for me since I live in a rural area and use a p.o. box as an address. That causes me to be limited in places I can order from without having to pay extra for various shipping fees. This service from Newegg makes ordering from them MUCH more attractive, since the last time I bought things from them I had to jump though several hoops that, had I realized I was gonna have to deal with, I wouldn't have bothered. Anybody know of any other vendors who do something similar?

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GreenG0of 1 point 1 month ago

Wow I never noticed that. I have over looked that option for the longest time. Thanks, for letting me know about this.