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What is the cheapest GPU that supports 4K gaming, and also what CPU GHz would generally be enough?

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BigMarst 16 days ago

thinking about changing/upgrading my build. what GPU is the cheapest that would run 4K gaming, playable i mean, 60 fps? and ive also got a AMD 2600X, would that (if overclocked) be potentially be enough to comfortably run 4K without stuttering? thanks heaps

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mark5916 2 points 16 days ago

...would that (if overclocked) be potentially be enough to comfortably run 4K without stuttering?

At 4K the CPU plays a minor role. So regardless if you OC or not, there isn't much gain at 4K as the CPU concerns.




A 2200G doesn't fall much behind a i9-9900K, considering the huge price difference between these two CPUs.

On the other side, if a game is heavily CPU bound, there is a substantial fps difference. But only on that scenario.


There is no cheap GPU for 4K gaming.

The GTX 1660Ti will not cut it at 4K and the highest settings.

The minimum you should go with is a RTX 2060, and you should lower the settings for getting that magical number of 60fps on quite some games.

BigMarst submitter 1 point 16 days ago

yeah, i figured there was never a cheap option for 4K, i just was after the cheapest of the hideously expensive cards i guess. do manufacturers cards have a huge effect on the performance of the card, as i see there is some that are massively cheaper than others. would you have any card recommendations?

mark5916 2 points 16 days ago

You could buy a RTX 2060 that's factory OCed for getting a couple fps more or has a high boost clock speed. But not expect miracles.

Also you could OC such a card even further.

I would recommend the below.


Review: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GeForce_RTX_2060_Gaming_Z/

Performs well, is quiet and achieves decent temps as well.

But as i said, that's not a cheap GPU in general. lol

At worse case scenario, someone could buy a RX 580 for ~$190 with a good boost clock speed and get an i7-8700K and overclock it.

The RX 580 may not be able to keep up with high settings but...

On games that are GPU bound, he can try to play at low/medium settings.

That way you get a FPS boost.

On games that are more CPU bound, the i7-8700K will do a great job also with low/medium settings.

And on games that are 50/50... well, lowering the settings will put less strain to the GPU, but more strain to the CPU, but the i7-8700K will be able to handle that.

Now, i don't know if someone wants to play at 4K with low/medium settings though. lol

BigMarst submitter 1 point 15 days ago

thanks for a good insight. that is not terribly priced at all, I'm UK based and i was sitting here thinking i would have to shell out £600+ on a 4K card, I've got a 1070 turbo at the moment and i paid £290 for that alone so its not that bad. on the review it says its a 1440p card does that make a difference? would it make a difference upping the price slightly? what would you recommend around the £400-500 mark? sorry if thats a pain in the *** to calculate if you dont work in pound often. much appreciated.

mark5916 2 points 15 days ago

If you tweak the settings, you may still be able to hit 60fps with a GTX 1070 on some games.

DaMysteryMan 1 Build 2 points 16 days ago

4k gaming at 60 FPS will take a hefty GPU and require compromises on settings. At a minimum I would get at least an RTX 2060, if you wanted to play on high/ultra settings a 2070 or 2080 might be in need. Also, clock speed is not an accurate measure of performance in CPUs, a 2600 and 8700k both locked onto the exact same speeds will perform differently, (intel generally performs better per Ghz at the cost of higher prices and less cores/threads) 4k is not incredibly CPU intensive, a 2600x would be fine. A faster CPU becomes more important when you start hitting 140+ FPS and intel's single thread speeds start to shine.

BigMarst submitter 1 point 16 days ago

good stuff. ive always wondered what is the point where the human eye cant physically tell the difference between framerates, like surely anything over 60-80 is just purely for benchmarking etc. thanks for your help

DaMysteryMan 1 Build 1 point 16 days ago

Oh no, that's what I thought also. The difference is very perceivable in motion blur. I have a 240hz monitor and can tell visibly when it jumps down to 180.

BigMarst submitter 1 point 15 days ago

ok thanks, im not hugely knowledgable around the whole Hz situation so any knowledge would be massively helpful, im only running a 60 Hz monitor currently as i never knew that made such a difference when buying. is there a decently priced monitor out there you would recommend? thanks

DaMysteryMan 1 Build 1 point 15 days ago

The refresh rate of a monitor determines how many FPS you are capable of visibly seeing basically. If you are getting 135 FPS in a game with a 60 hz monitor, you will only experience 60 fps. I would personally recomend 1440p 144 hz, it's the sweet spot in resolution and FPS. 240 hz will require a hefty CPU to push 240 FPS, and 4k will require an expensive GPU. You allready have a 1070, which is a pretty decent card, and would do well on 1440p, where a 2600x or better 9600k would make a great combo, with a GPU upgrade likely due in a generation or so.

DrLitch 1 Build 1 point 15 days ago

You are good with the 2600X.

Staggering? No solution to stagger free gaming, 4K is brutal on hardware. No number of GPU's will fix that, 64GB of 4800MHz RAM will not fix that (assuming such RAM exists), and a $10000 Xeon CPU overclocked to near melting point will not fix it. It will be many many years before 4K levels off into the mid to lower tier of the market. [STAFF REMOVED]. We are years away, at least two GPU generations, before we can finally say that the bridge has been crossed and every title we throw at it will run 60fps or higher at maxed out settings. But we have been on the bridge since the 980Ti (perhaps even the 780Ti). The 1080Ti took us to within a stone's throw, and 2080Ti has stalled progress slightly simply because, due to a mix of factors, there is a lot of software that requires too much computation from the 2080Ti. If developers stopped moving the goalposts we may have made that 4K/60fps goal this generation. Not to be.

However, if we temper our expectations things look considerably more positive. We engage in the "in game settings" to carefully tune performance, we turn off AA or choose moderate settings, and the world of 4K gaming at 60fps or better is surprisingly open. The GTX 1080 (or RTX 2070) can certainly play a great number of titles at or near 60fps if we tweak settings. The RTX 2060 will also surprise you at 4K in that you will not get a migraine headache playing with lower settings. I have even seen GTX 1060 running games at lower settings without looking or playing pathetic (albeit not quite 60fps for titles I played around with). Heck, the Xbox One X technically renders games (some of them at least) at 4K and delivers 30fps or better. GPU wise it is pretty weak but packs what can be best described as an RX 580 (a value oriented mid-low range GPU). The less said about the Xbox CPU the better. In any case, this $400 console has proved itself able to run 4K despite the very modest hardware. Anything is possible if the settings are tweaked.

So, if you are willing to drop settings and turn off non essential filters, you can get good results at 4K with a card like the GTX 1070 (RTX 2060). If you are willing to play around at medium settings, mix in a couple of high, the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 will deliver well. High/Ultra settings, even the 2080Ti / Titan RTX will chug below 60fps for many AAA titles.

Of course, there are thousands of games out, I guarantee 98-99% will run buttery smooth at 4K with even relatively modest hardware. Most games are not very demanding for today's hardware. Some games are though, and there are a number of titles out there that modern hardware is not enough to nail 60fps at max settings. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have given developers some room to stretch their legs, even if not too much. But it does not take much to break the performance of a PC for 4K.

BigMarst submitter 1 point 15 days ago

well that was hugely helpful thank you. am i realistically pushing my boundaries a bit too hard for 4K? like would i really notice the difference on my 1070 if i chose to upgrade to a really solid 1440p card and possibly get an upgraded monitor or something along those lines as it on paper doesnt sound to be that much of an upgrade, over the monumental amount of money i am going to have to spend to get a full 4K rig? any advice is massively appreciated. [Edit. or would an AMD card be a viable alternative? I've never really looked into them vs nvidia are the specs relatively similar?]

DrLitch 1 Build 1 point 15 days ago

Monitor wise, if you want to move to 4K, a good one is very expensive. You do not want to get a 60Hz monitor. Hold tight, game with a really nice 1440p monitor, regular wide or ultra wide. Two years or three years from now will offer a different hunting ground, and those 4K monitors we all covet will have dropped considerably in price. Your GPU requirement need not drop - a good 4K GPU will run splendidly with 2K content. GTX 1070 is still a good card, although for 1440p it is starting get stretched. Upgrade? Maybe worthwhile.

AMD? Cards are looking better on DX12 but they still come up short against Nvidia. Power, noise, and performance all favor Nvidia right now. The Radeon VII is a very good card though, as is the Vega 64 and Vega 56. If you want to upgrade your 1070, look at The RTX 2080 or get used GTX 1080 Ti.

1440p gaming is so much fun with a fast card, 4K can wait a couple of years....

Just remember this - the end product of the hardware is what comes on screen. 4K pops slightly nicer than 2K on a small'ish screen, but that slightly nicer image will not get appreciated when it struggles to update beyond 60Hz. 1440p is where it is at.

Tooth 1 Build 1 point 10 days ago

if you really want +60 FPS at 4K resolution, and highest video settings, then you have one choice - 2080 TI