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Which RTX 2060 should I buy?

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Dust1234 12 days ago

I combined the information given from this youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-DXzX8CAUI) and this reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/agobts/best_rtx_2060_to_buy_right_now/)

I wanted to buy a Gigabyte Gaming G1 based on the video, but many reddit users claimed that their Gigabyte products stopped working after a little bit so I'm leaning towards the Zotac right now. Only major downside I can find with it is its higher temperature in relation to the other cards compared in the YT video. It's also significantly cheaper than, say, an ASUS card so thats a huge plus. Thoughts?

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NickSam 2 points 11 days ago

Recently we see unusual high RMAs for Gigabyte RTX cards, so make sure you get a good warranty with your purchase. Among the top-3 Taiwan brands (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI), they are consider the more "value" brand.

With ZOTAC, they have always proven to be reliable from our experience. In some regions they provide 5 years warranty, and their pricing also competitive.

Performance - both are about the same with GPU boost tech from NVIDIA common to all brands.

So, you should decide on pricing (I usually recommend get the cheapest for a specific model) unless you are also particular about aesthetic of the card and you have own brand preference (eg Asus, EVGA etc) willing to pay more for those brands.

Dust1234 submitter 1 point 11 days ago

Okay, thank you for your response! I'll play it safe and buy from Zotac then despite Gigabyte being considered a value brand... their prices are extremely similar ($10 change if I remember correctly) and I don't want a GPU dying on me past an expensive warranty.

Thanks once again.