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Ever heard of this GPU issue?

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connor333 6 days ago

I'm going to RMA my 1080ti SC2 today.

Games started to freeze up after playing for 10 minutes or so. After extensive testing in regards to the health of RAM, CPU, etc....I discovered that once my GPU hits between 74-76 degrees, that's when it freezes, regardless of game. If I put fan speeds at 100%, it stays cool enough so that it doesn't freeze up.

I would check all sensors on EVGA and everything was at normal temps, it just didn't like getting that warm. Anyways, it was a pain to troubleshoot and never had that happen before.

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mark5916 1 point 5 days ago

74-76°C degrees are still good temps whilst gaming and way below the 82°C+ mark that this card starts to throttle.

I don't know, if you think the GPU does not work properly and warranty hasn't expired, you can RMA the card.

connor333 submitter 1 point 5 days ago

yeah i'm def RMA-ing the card. But was looking at more of a discussion to see what ppl may think it may be. Bad memory or something?

It's still under warranty by evga, even though I bought it second hand. Won't be doing that again, regardless of the rep teh ebay seller has.

Tooth 1 Build 2 points 4 days ago

no 2 computer systems are exactly the same. What may not work for you or i, might work for everyone else.

I just recently returned 3 - MSI 2080 Ti video cards, all 3 "black screen". Tried a Gigabyte 2080 TI and loving it.

If you have chance to RMA, that is best option. It will drive you nuts trying to figure out why computer hardware does not play nicely :) I spent 8 intense weeks trying to figure out that black screen.......So nice again to have a new video card running smoothly. I dont feel like upgrading anything for a long time.....

kschendel 1 Build 1 point 4 days ago

Could be a zillion things. Micro-crack in a trace that opens up when the board expands. Bad solder joint. Bad part, active or passive. Bad temp sensor so maybe it's actually getting a lot hotter. Without an intimate knowledge of the board circuitry and some fancy diagnostic hardware/software, I don't think you can expect to nail down a freeze.