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Used AMD R9 Nano.

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CookieMonzter 2 days ago

There is an AMD R9 Nano on craiglist selling for $140. Is it worth the purchase. It is like new and comes with the driver disc. Thanks.

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codezer0 3 Builds 1 point 2 days ago

I would see if you could talk them down to closer to $100 at the moment, but I doubt it... if it is indeed the nano model, those were much rarer, binned versions of the fury chip able to tolerate running at a lower power target. The actual Fury Nano definitely would hold its value more than even a Fury X or stock Fury. A shame, because its relatively small vRAM (in spite of being fast) had it age worse, more quickly, than the 980 Ti.

If you can get it closer to $100, snap it up. At worst, it's within 20% of a 980 Ti, especially with more mature drivers. At best, it's trading blows. Though if I recall correctly, a feature AMD offered for the Fury cards was enabling the option to dedicate up to 1/4th of your system RAM as a "cache memory" so that it isn't hitting your disk for (frequent) texture swapping as often. For games that have this feature in mind, it's easy to use up quite a bit and manage to retain performance parity compared to the 980 Ti. With that said, it's a beast of a 1080p card, a solid 1440p card, and should be good for 4K on optimized titles like RE2make.

DrLitch 1 Build 1 point 1 day ago

I used to have one of these. Heck yeah get it. It is an awesome small GPU. Performance wise it was one of the higher tier cards during the Maxwell Gen, better than a GTX 970 and trading blows with a GTX 980. In Pascal terms, it slightly outperforms a GTX 1060. AMD wise, the RX 480/580/590 have replaced it. For $140 it is good value.