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Opinions on the Gigabyte GTX 670 OC?

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ndk 71 months ago

I'm considering this card because I really like what i've read about the Windforce 3x design, and for an overclocked 670, the price is pretty good ($395 Canadian after tax right now!).

Just wondering what people's opinions of this card was, and if you like another card better (I've heard great things about the Asus TOP and EVGA FTW 670's as well), why you believe they are better.

I'm building a low-mid range system to play games, but i'm not a huge FPSer, i'm more a strategy game player (Total War, Company of Heros, Civilization) and RPGer (Skyrim), so I'm not sure how my graphic card needs map up to what the average gamer.

Also is it worth waiting for the 760 to come out before making my decision?

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elkay648 2 points 71 months ago

i would definataly get the 770 not a 670

ndk submitter 1 Build 1 point 70 months ago

Ended up going with the Gigabyte GTX 770 2GB OC... the thing is a beast. I had buyer's remorse at first because of the price... but my god am I happy i just bought it now!

elkay648 1 point 71 months ago

its even better than the 680 and its like 50 bucks cheaper