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Which one? Gigabyte or Evga

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MonsterKhaos16 70 months ago

Getting 760 sli and wondering if the EVGA sc acx or the Gigabyte Windforce 3x will give greater performance while also keeping the card cooler and quieter. GOING TO BUY SOON SO NEED REPLY FAST!!!!!!

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Djangosp2 1 Build 1 point 70 months ago

Gigabyte has an 8-phase power design and a quieter, more effective cooling solution. The only thing EVGA has going for it is a better warranty and much more visually appealing shroud. I'd go with an Asus DirectCU II or Gigabyte Windforce 760.

MonsterKhaos16 submitter 1 point 70 months ago

Thanks I'll go for the wind force cooler then.