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AMD 7970 with 4 free games or Nvidia 770

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dipinjit 70 months ago

Can you guys help? Is it better to be cheap and go with the 4 free games :p or get the newest Nvidia has. http://sourcecdn.ncix.com/AMD-Never-Settle-Reloaded-Part2/?1

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Cincy 1 point 70 months ago

It depends on if you're interested in those games. The 770 outperforms the 7970 in MOST games, but it all depends on the settings used in-game.

If you're only worried about 60FPS in games, you'll be perfectly fine no matter which card you go with. Keep in mind though, that AMD has notoriety for bad drivers and customer support. Both cards are fantastic, and will handle almost every game you throw at them with no problems.