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R 7950 or GTX 760?

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awilzman 70 months ago

I can't decide...

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cavemanpc 3 Builds 1 point 70 months ago

760 is ment to be slightly better than a 7950 from recent benchmarks, thats what im going for :)

Scommando1 2 Builds 1 point 70 months ago

I would go for the 7950, since it's cheaper..and once you easily overclock it, it'll be the better performer.

awilzman submitter 3 Builds 1 point 70 months ago

The 7950 isn't cheaper...

Celtcry 1 point 70 months ago

Well, for overclocking the 7950, it has a general base clock at 850 MHz and the gtx760 is around 1.000 MHz. If your build is an Intel i5-i7, go for the GTX760 all the way: new technology and future proof. If your build is AMD, I would go with the 7950.

I have a i7 3770k and I would go for the 760 if it wasn't of my 660ti.