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FSX Triple Monitor

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flyinghigh93 70 months ago

I would like to have my next build have a triple monitor setup for FSX.

However, I am not sure if they video card I picked out can handle it.

GTX 760.

Not sure about the amount of memory I need or if I need to do SLI or not.

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madcracked 2 Builds 1 point 70 months ago

first off we need more info are you wanting the monitors just for productivity or gaming. if your looking for gaming you might want to consider sli or a better card. upgradability is also a concern 2x 760 is compairable to 1 titan or 780. but requires more power and pcie slots. so if you want to do gaming on one monitor for now and upgrade later i would think about a 770 or 780 so you can sli less cards.