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Cooler Master - CM Storm QuickFire TK Wired Mini Keyboard

( 4.5 Average / 8 Ratings )



Cooler Master


CM Storm QuickFire TK

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Switch Type

Cherry MX Brown

Includes Mouse



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aMarple13 17 points 49 months ago
from completed build It's Alive!

I'm officially in love with this keyboard. Just saying. Typing on this makes for a fantastic typing experience and the backlighting makes night time use less of a headache.

peppaz 11 points 38 months ago

ok but probably go with the full sized one.

tacosareyum 12 points 34 months ago

First the good. This keyboard feels amazing. Pretty confident I made the right personal choice going with Cherry MX Brown switches. No loud click, but has tactile "bump." Actually, they were still louder than I expected/wanted (can't imagine what blue switches sound like), so I added o-rings. It's been so long I don't remember what the original felt like, but I suppose this is better since I kept the rings on :) Subjective.

This keyboard is small, sharp looking, and feels very solid. Very little if any wear after a year, looks pretty much new. I'm not writing Atlas Shrugged-length novels on this, but I use it a lot. Unfortunately the light under my "5" key dimmed probably 6 months after getting it, and is very noticeable in the dark. Almost looks completely dead sometimes. I removed the key cap and compared to an adjacent key; it's just not as bright as the others anymore for some reason. Anyway, if this format is what you're looking for, this might be a good choice.

But about the format! This is a TK keyboard. "Tenkeyless." This keyboard combines the number pad and arrows with the control keys (ins/delete/home/end), so they share keys. Numlock toggles. It's surprisingly annoying having to switch between the two modes. Further, the key backlighting and media keys are combined with the "F" keys, and toggled with a function (FN) key. Again, annoying. I use these keys all the time and want them available at.. well, the push of a SINGLE key.

I knew all of this when I bought the keyboard, but figured I'd give it a try. Lesson learned. Now, it's not just the toggling alone that's aggravating, but the nuance of how it was implemented. The number pad is toggled immediately when hitting numlock--so one quick click and you're toggled until you hit numlock again. This is fine I guess--I got pretty used to toggling on the numpad, doing whatever I needed to do, and toggling off when finished. 2 extra keystrokes. However, the FN doesn't operate the same way. This key operates like a modifier key (like Shift or Ctrl--I'll call this a "quick click"), unless you hold it down for about 2 seconds, at which point it toggles on like numlock until another "long press." This is generally nice, with one big exception: a quick click does not get you the expected reversed behavior if the FN key has been toggled on. Meaning if I want to quick save a game using F5, while FN is toggled on, I actually can't unless I take 2 seconds to long press the FN key to untoggle. Why can't a FN quick click give me default function keys when FN is toggled on? This probably sounds a bit picky, but the annoyance factor builds over time. I use volume media keys more than standard function keys, but I'm forced to leave FN toggled off, otherwise I have no function keys without having to wait the 2 seconds. If you're adjusting volume by holding the FN key briefly, and don't intend to toggle FN on, you need to be careful not to hold it too long, otherwise it will toggle, then you need to hold it again to un-toggle. It's just not a great system and gets super frustrating after awhile.

I'm now looking for a keyboard that has all of these keys dedicated. Considering Logitech G910 Orion Spark or Corsair K95. Pricey, but for something I use every day, often for extended periods of time, it's worth it. Maybe I'll take this TK to work.

I'm rating this 3/5 stars, -1 for the backlight issue so early on in ownership, and -1 for the FN key driving me crazy. If they had included "reverse FN" while FN is toggled on, I think I could handle this keyboard better. With that said, it's truly a solid device, that feels amazing to type on. If you don't care about media functionality and want a smaller footprint, this is a great choice. I would rate it 3.5/5 if I could.

Edit 5/31/16: I picked up the LG G910 Orion Spark to replace this. Dedicated keys for everything do not disappoint, although typing itself is not as smooth/fun. Hopefully I only need to get accustom to it.