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Airgoo® Full Kit Computer RGB 5050 SMD 2pcs 30leds 50cm LED Strip Light with Multi Function RF Remote Controller for Desktop PC Computer Mid Tower Case

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xonehitterx 9 points 14 months ago
from completed build My First PC Build

Cheap RGB LED kit I picked up on sale. It works for what I need just wish it had magnetic backing instead of tape. Can't control it by a program either, just the included controller.

Patrick31337 3 points 9 months ago
from completed build My First Build

I bought this LED kit to light the inside of my PC case. I had previously purchased the Phanteks PH-LEDKT strips, but discovered that the version of Mystic Light for the MSI B350 PC Mate motherboard has a limited number of colors through its RGP header, and orange is not one of them. After getting the Super Bright Computer LED Strip Kit, I tested and found that the Phanteks LED strips do work with the Airgoo controller. Compared to the Phanteks strips, the Airgoo strips are just as bright and colorful, but the magnetic Phanteks have the advantage of being easier to attach and move around. Orange looks good. It's not too yellow or red. White is pretty close to pure white, maybe with a slight blue, but not bad. All of the colors and modes seem to work. Some of the flashing modes give an interesting visual effect, especially when the room is dark. When the computer is turned off, the LEDs go out. When the computer is turned on, the LEDs come on with the same color/mode that was active when it was last running. A nice feature of this product is that the controller does not have to have a sensor with line-of-sight to the remote to operate, so it can be hidden with the cables. I have not tried the remote from more than a few feet, but the buttons work well with no delay. There is a wide range of brightness and speed adjustment available.

While there are most likely better options for RGB LED controls that would have more options and effects (and software control), there is nothing wrong with this set, especially considering the price.

sirdarkness 14 points 2 months ago
from completed build "Merc with a Mouth Final"

Great add-on for the price.