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Asus - PRIME Z270-AR ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

( 4.9 Average / 7 Ratings )




Part #



Black / White

Form Factor


CPU Socket



Intel Z270

Memory Slots

4 x 288-pin DIMM

Memory Type

DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2666 / 2800 / 3000 / 3200 / 3300 / 3333 / 3400 / 3466 / 3600 / 3733 / 3866

Maximum Supported Memory


RAID Support


Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

CrossFire Support


SLI Support


SATA 6 Gb/s


Onboard Ethernet

1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps

Onboard USB 3.0 Header(s)


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Shopping Express $234.00 In stock $234.00+
IJK $235.00 In stock $235.00+
Mwave Australia $235.00 $235.00+
PCCaseGear $235.00 In stock $235.00+
PLE Computers $235.00 $235.00+
Scorptec $235.00 In stock $235.00+

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jetblast96 4 points 9 months ago
from completed build Behemoth V2.0

Good: Excellent motherboard, so far I have had no issues. Corsair LPX 3000MHz ram had its XMP profile recognized immediately for frequency and timings. Fan control options seem pretty extensive and there's an option for water cooling. 2 M.2 ports, 6 SATA ports. Decent and isolated sound card. Good looking board and the RGB LED's are a plus.

Bad: Only 5 USB ports total (not including USB-C port), had to add an expansion card.

Overall a great purchase!

punkfire86 13 points 8 months ago
from completed build Edrio Two Tubes

This board came with everything I needed and matched the color scheme. The m.2 was a must for me and it has 6 SATA ports but if you are using a m.2 port, it will disable one of the SATA ports. On board sound card is decent. The bios has many options to choose from and auto OC tools too.

DonPlayzGamez 2 points 7 months ago
from completed build Rogue

This motherboard is SO good, the BIOS look amazing, and it has RBG lighting, at first I was a little annoyed that I couldn't make the LEDs just red, but I actually like it.

ryansmission 8 points 6 months ago

An ideal mobo for those happy with a single GPU setup. Great features all round

drugstocowboy 4 points 5 months ago
from completed build Upgraded Existing System

Love the bios user interface, very self explanatory and intuitive to use, especially since this is my actual first build doing everything and picking all the parts myself. Used youtube tutorials for all fine tuning in the bios (i.e. boot drive, fan speed settings (needs to be turned off for cpu fan to allow for Corsair Link 4 to control the cpu fan speed and to customize speed curve), DDR4 Ram speed, enabling/disabling turbo boost for CPU, etc.). Also, love the RGB Aura Sync ability; never thought I would like colors so much, but matches well with my other RGB components (i.e. LED case light strips from Phanteks, Drevo Calibur 71 Key Mechanical Keyboard, Logitech Prodigy G403 Wireless Mouse, Logitech G933 Headset).

Mikesmith1976x 16 points 1 month ago
from completed build White Weapon

Very happy with this board. Bios has a lot of options. Nice and easy to use. One M2 slots shares bandwidth with sata 1, the other Me with sata 5 and 6.

JulioAndy 1 point 18 days ago
from completed build Mister Dukes

Great motherboard and easy to work with.