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Western Digital - Blue 500 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

( 5.0 Average / 8 Ratings )



Western Digital

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500 GB


M.2 (B+M)

Form Factor


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czanron 21 points 18 months ago
from completed build Dat Glass (Evolv ATX TG)

I was leaning towards a Samsung M.2 SSD but for the price I wanted a bit more storage and went with Western Digital. This is my main OS/programs drive and I can boot into Windows in roughly 10 seconds or so. Pretty happy with this purchase.

airtime25 20 points 17 months ago
from completed build R(yzen)2D2

I have my own rig running a Sata ssd and this thing blew me away. Statups in sub 10 seconds is crazy.

Trickman2 1 point 15 months ago
from completed build Beast Mode

Perfect SSD for the price, pairs well with a hybrid drive.

IanJvan 6 points 15 months ago
from completed build PC3234

does what it does well

electron_ 6 points 14 months ago
from completed build Mom's Office PC

Would recommend M.2. No power or data cables needed! Windows boots in under 5 seconds which is plenty fast. Note that this is not a PCIe SSD, but SATA.

Orthoron 19 points 10 months ago
from completed build The Wifesbane

This M.2 is worth the money. Invest wisely people! I love this thing.

three8one 31 points 6 months ago
from completed build Cigar Lounge

I use this M.2 SSD for my Steam library; all my games boot and load fast. It's a bingo!