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CPU Cooler

be quiet! - Pure Rock 51.7 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler

( 4.4 Average / 25 Ratings )



be quiet!


Pure Rock

Part #


Supported Sockets


Liquid Cooled


Bearing Type


Noise Level

19.1 dB - 26.8 dB


1500 RPM


155 mm / 6.102"

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PCCaseGear $49.00 In stock $49.00+
Amazon Australia $60.44 In stock $60.44+
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Erik 6 points 49 months ago
from completed build Mediocre Equilibrium

Dead silent, very effective for its price. Rated for 130W of heat dissipation, so it should handle any quad-core Intel CPU overclocked. Mounting bridge and installation are very frustrating, avoid this at all costs if you have a small case. Factor in another $6 into the cost for some thermal paste, since the stuff it comes with is awful - you'll shave a good 5-10C off of temps just with better thermal paste.

deadthing79 14 points 47 months ago
from completed build The Blue Adder v 1.1

This fan is huge, but effective. I'm amazed at how well it's managed to keep my A10 CPU from becoming a charred brick.

Keofire 3 points 43 months ago

A quite strong passive cooling capacity reinforced with an almost silent fan. The fan fastener wire thing is not the best enginiering product, but usable..I guess once. Overall this is a great product, but look out for the sizes. ( there is a picture about that.. For me this is a close call.)

Dimitron 12 points 41 months ago

It says beQuiet on the cooler and in fact it is very very quiet. And it performs well with the Core i5 4690K OC'ed to 4.4 GHz. Definitely a recommended product.

raven70 25 points 41 months ago

I have this in my newest system and extremely quiet. I also have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and this is quieter to me. I also got for $20 without a rebate and free shipping.

dr-carrrot 28 points 40 months ago

looks really good. works really well. its really quiet. Installation wasn't too much fun,but otherwise its great.

L5hunter 21 points 38 months ago

This cooler is amazing. It looks great, it's incredibly quiet, but the mounting and install is weirdly complicated. The fan is mounted with a sort of hinge-like thing, and that seems unnecessary.

HansLanda007 23 points 36 months ago
from completed build i7 4770K 980 Ti Peace Maker

Swapped my Corsair H100i GTX to this, Why I hear you ask? Well because my PC sounded like a fish tank and my CPU is only 2 degrees hotter when under load and overclocked.

The cooler looks great, simple to install and hardly makes a noise under load.

Thank god for German engineering.

reed989 16 points 29 months ago
from completed build I5-6600k - R9 Fury - First Build

Other then being very large and bulky I think I am very happy with it. Not sure what the temps would be without it but I assume it is doing a good job. Very quiet and doesn't look too bad. Cons are size, and blocks RAM slot.

Pixelsandwich 1 point 28 months ago
from completed build Feros

This thing is an absolute beast of a cooler !

I stay in the low 30's on idle and the highest i've been was something like the high 40's to low 50's after hours of gameplay. And that's with the included pre-applied thermal paste !

My hard drive is louder than this cooler... that says something.

PROS: -As quiet as a bee fart -Very sturdy and high quality -Keeps my temps nice and frosty even under load -Comes with pre-applied thermal paste

CONS: -Instructions were lacking a bit -Was a pain to install but it's worth every struggles