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Phanteks - ECLIPSE P400S TEMPERED GLASS ATX Mid Tower Case

( 4.3 Average / 7 Ratings )






Part #





ATX Mid Tower

Includes Power Supply


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

ATX, EATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length

280 mm / 11.024" With Drive Cages
395 mm / 15.551" Without Drive Cages

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Plipps 54 points 21 months ago
from completed build 2 Identical First Builds

The case is great for a mid tower. We put a total of 7 fans in each case (1 back 120mm, 2 top 140mm, 4 front (push/pull) 140mm). The case looks incredible, the gray is very nice and matches the Asus ROG monitor pretty well.

There was a con with the case (my fault for not researching enough). It is not big enough to support a top mounted water cooler, so for those who do not like the front mount...this would not be the case for you.

Overall, very happy with it, and the builds came out looking great.

disentery 13 points 19 months ago
from completed build Jade Geode

First of all, the accessories... They suck, plain and simple. The Fan controller is actually a bunch of plugs you plug your fans in to get a 3-speed control on your tower. This is, effectively, completely useless if you have a decent mobo that has full PWM control and it gets in the way. The LED strip is really, really annoying. It's magnetic, but the magnets are SO FAR in between each other that it's hard to get it to lay flat without applying tension. The other problem is that it plugs into a RGB socket on your mobo.. But it doesn't even use the RGB information! This leads to all the LEDs on the tower getting odd colors, mine refused to accept any green input until I disabled the RGB output on my mobo and fiddled with the switch. The RGB plug is also really, REALLY flimsy and its clips did not work properly, so I had to savagely tie it to my RGBW plug. It's hideous but it works. You can get the strip in a few different light modes, but you can not set the intensity, making it utterly eye-searing at night if it's in your field of vision. It also has way too many shades of cold colors but too little in the warm department. It has like, four blues and just yellow and orange, what the heck?

The good part, though.. It's very easy to open, it's compact but not cramped, it looks sleek.. The case fans can be a little bit iffy to plug in, as well.

NickyTheNose 3 points 18 months ago
from completed build Aventador

Cable management galore. Really easy to work inside and great quality. Only cons would have to be only a 120mm fan can be used for rear exhaust, and you can only fit 2 140mm in the front. 3 might be asking a lot but it would help with PSU cooling.

dadiman260 8 points 18 months ago

-no indent for the rear fan

-airflow is not that great from the front

-cutouts for the front header connectors are too smal and too close to the motherboard

-can't top mount the radiators

-loose cables for the fan controller are a pain a freely movable, maybe magnetic, hub would have been better

except these issues that really got behind my skin it was a great to build in a great looking case especially for how much it cost, the issues i mentioned lowered the score by that much because in case of the cutouts for examples it isn't that they are not there but it feels like it wasn't though through so they ended up making them too small.

lgwilliams 4 points 11 months ago
from completed build GreyArch

This case has an RGB Power button, front and inside with 3 modes, 10 colours. Fan controller with 3 speeds that controls an exhaust and intake fan. The shroud hide my ugly cheap power supply and has space for enough hard drives and SSDs. The cable management is OK and there are dust filters but in my dusty house, dust still gets in somehow. The sound proofing is not too bad but has bubbles where it was stuck to the panels but i cant see it when it is all closed up.

Tuvonaught 11 points 8 months ago
from completed build My Little Automaton

Oh where to begin with this case... To start the tempered glass full side panel is BEAUTIFUL! I could not be any more happy with the look of it and the quality of the case overall. It is a simpler case without all the bells and whistles but that is what drew me in. There is plenty of space for cable management and the two hidden SSD brackets are really nice.

TheDankKn1ght 20 points 6 months ago

Sleek. Elegant. Aesthetically stimulating. I didn't say its name, but this case came up in your mind, didn't it?