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Corsair - Force MP500 240 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

( 4.7 Average / 7 Ratings )




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240 GB


M.2 (M)

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Rgbeast 61 points 25 months ago

If you want super fast storage this is your solution. I've never seen file transfers, write, erase, game load times as fast as this thing provides. I installed windows thinking it would be a long task, left the room, 2 minutes later windows was finished. There was a slight snag during initial configuration where my PC was not displaying video at all after a restart. I simply delayed POST in the BIOS for 5 seconds(3 seconds should work) and good to go.

OMGWTHEFBBQ 13 points 24 months ago
from completed build Kyle's $1600 Gaming PC

I went with the Corsair Force MP500 240GB NVMe SSD for the boot drive. I would have went with the 960 EVO, but at the time of building, the 250GB version had not yet been released. For only $35 more than a 250GB 850 EVO, I made the jump from SATA 3 to NVMe. The drive works very well and is extremely fast. I understand it isn't that much more noticeable for most uses over an 850 EVO, but for the price, it's really great value for the performance.

OBeardsley 9 points 21 months ago
from completed build Power Purple

Insanely fast, great write speeds insane read speeds, heats up like any other M.2.

slashmod 13 points 13 months ago
from completed build Corsair/Ryzen Build

Tired of waiting for load times? Yeah, I was too. This thing is AWESOME and was worth every penny. If you have a nice SSD currently, I don't know that you'd see much of an improvement with the exception of OS boot times and game loading times. I doubt many folks will be using these for mass storage anytime soon so file transfer speed doesn't get me super excited with regard to nvme.

jtownsle 12 points 10 months ago
from completed build Quiet, Plain, Solid

Great price, no installation problems, boot is almost instantaneous, installation of new programs is speedy. Installed a clean, new Windows 10 Education (with 2018 updates) in less than 10 minutes. Advertised speed & lifespan (TBW) look great for the price, as long as it lives up to the claims.

CorruptedSanity 7 points 9 months ago

Blazing fast, 2.5gb/s sequential reads and 1.4gb/s writes. Runs really hot for me though being that my m.2 slot is on the back of the motherboard and it gets very limited airflow if any at all. Idle temps are around 58-64C and it hit 83 max while running all the tests in crystaldisk.