Retailer reviews (amazon, newegg, etc. ) aren't always a direct indicator of the communties opinion as some people only post a review when there's a problem, which makes it a unreliable indicator of the performance of the majority of components. To counter this, I'd look at a few professional reviews form youtube, tom's hardware anandtech, but not LTT, or more specifically, the forums.

Other than that, I'm relatively active on the official PCPP Discord,

Here's my list of brands and their specific products I personally do a bit more research into than others for various reasons which could fill a book(Note different products will be separated IE if Cases and PSUS are deemed low quality they'd be listed separetly

DeepCool Power supplies

Enermax Power supplies

Ultra Power supplies

Sentey Cases with included power supplies

Vivo Low end cases

Ultra Cases

Logysis Power supplies

Thermaltake low end power supplies, their high end stuff is fine though

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