I speak my mind, and I tell it like it is, and if y'all cannot handle or respect that then you should not bother harassing, annoying, talking or try to control me!

I'm currently 35 years old, and love to build custom-PC's for clients and myself, but I'm also an Anime-Artist and a traditional illustrator with a modest Associates Degree in Commercial Arts, yet my greatest skill is proper and consistent Spelling & Grammar, which some people don't seem to put much investment in, and that's why most people on the Internet are either insecure when you point out their spelling-faults and call you unnecessary names(like spelling-nazi or grammar-nazi) or complete morons who choose to remain illiterate in the realm of Proper Spelling of any and all words!

In terms of medical condition I have Aspergers Syndrome, and to add insult to injury I also have a learning disability.