I'm a mid-20's dude who's just now getting back into PC gaming, video editing, and audio production. I stepped away when my desktop was replaced with a basic laptop that had poor audio/video potential beyond the basics. I work from home, enjoy long walks on the beaches of Skyrim, and can't wait to get my first custom build going.

Some more specifics on what I'll use my custom build for:

  • 1080p Gaming: It'll be a long while before I try to push beyond that. 1080p dazzles me plenty. I'm fine with staying here for a while so that 4K technology can become a bit cheaper.
  • Basic Video Editing: I make videos for my business and clients. They are not super HD or anything, and there's rarely anything more complicated than editing some video content for transitions, lower 3rds, and other basic effects.
  • Intermediate Audio Production: I love electronic music and have a lot of fun creating it. I don't need to be the next Tiesto, but I'd love a machine that can handle all the VSTs and effects I'm using. On the last computer I could produce music from I managed to push a Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, and a $50 sound card to its fullest. I'm hoping to avoid building a system that would easily be strained by FL Studio and other software. I have zero hardware aside from a basic MIDI keyboard that produces no sound or effects on its own. It's just for keyboard input. Everything else is digital.
  • General Work: I definitely want a 4 core hyper threaded or 8 core processor. I'm usually multi-tasking between a dozen+ windows, some marketing research software, writing applications, financial software, time tracking, and more. None of it by itself is particularly intense, but all of it together has pushed my current i5-2430M, 6GB RAM laptop to a point where I notice it slows down a bit.

Once I have my first build up and running I'll post pictures and performance reports, and probably update this description with games that I play. For now I'll say that I'm interested in Skyrim (stopped playing before the expansions came out), StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, FarCry 4, Call of Duty, Crysis, Dawn of War 2, and other strategy, fantasy RPG, or FPS games.

I'm not huge into MMOs but might try those again, too. I use to play WoW up to WotLK, probably won't again, but still found it to be pretty fun.