Sourced most parts from Amazon and New Egg. I plan on Water Cooling but am going to wait a month or two. This was my first build and I did it by watching YouTube Videos. Almost everything I needed I was able to find there. I had to figure out how to do some of the cabling and plugins on my own but most of that was pretty straight forward.

If you are wondering if you can do it, you can. Just dive in and have some fun with it.

Here are a few notes:

  1. Keyboard is loud AF. I wish I would have read in one of the many reviews that the number 1 gaming keyboard sounded like a chicken eating seed on a wood floor.

  2. Headphones are not compatible with the DAC. This one drives me crazy. Same company, and in one review I read the reviewer said they were great together. But the headphones come only with a USB connector and all the USB to 3.5 jacks have horrible reviews.

  3. ASUS motherboard is difficult to add current drivers if you do not add a cd/dvd drive. Yes you can download them from their website but this is not simple. They only come in CAP files and all the software to open comes with big warnings. If you are not a super confident PC person (I am coming back after over 10 years on Mac) this is very intimidating.

  4. Adding the second GPU was not as simple as the videos suggest. When I first added the SLI I booted to a black screen. After removing the second to uninstall the drivers, I could not get the first to boot. I remover that, added the second and it did boot. Then I undated the drivers, add the first on to the second slot, and booted clean.