I built my first computer around age 10 with random parts I found around garage and a few scrapped school district computers. It was a paste white Dell Optiplex that barely ran XP. Fast forward to 2006 I get a Dell D630 with 512mb video and find this unknown game called call of duty, played it for weeks. 2007 I got an Xbox 360 and the gaming got more intense as Call of Duty came to console and with the biggest bang to date (in my opinion). I logged well over 20 days of total time played, competed in GameBattles in both the singles, doubles and team ladders. 2008; While playing Call of Duty 4 I noticed a guy floating around the map and unable to die, it intrigued me and so I searched around the internet until I found a site called Modded Warfare. A guy named Cheater912 had managed to decrypt Xbox 360 profiles and .GPD's (Game Progress Data Files). He figured out how to bind commands to keys on console and started a firestorm of "Hackers". I dove in, bought accessories needed to mod the game, I got maybe a total of 48 hours of sleep over the next few weeks, it was the coolest feeling ever. 2009; I started helping people build their PC's and learning new "blackhat" console techniques. I invested in a JTAG which was a console modified to run hacked code and began hosting "Call of Duty Lobbies". It was a pure cash cow, at one point it time I had over $3,000 in my paypal, then paypal does what paypal does and froze the account; it had a remaining balance of around $1,000. With the $2,000 I had gotten out of the paypal I began investing, little bits here and there and I ended up with about $20,000. Somewhat unfortunately my parents found out about the account and money and took control and locked it away into a college account. Still don't know how that happened to this day BUT 2011-Current I became very on the follow up site to modded warfare formerly known as "XboxMB" now known as HorizonMB. I began making beginner programs and tools most were "AIO" secondary launcher programs. I started doing some IT work with school districts and started to make some connections. The superintendent told me about a position at an ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) company. I am currently employed there, it's an amazing job for anyone who likes technology. I get to gain more experience working with servers, laptop, desktops, tablets, and networking.

Pretty much handles everything from beginning to current. For anyone who likes PC Mods stay tuned to HorizonMB, Some amazing stuff to come over the next few months!