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March 29, 2014, 12:20 p.m.

About LeMMingSlayeR

I have been a console gamer since I was old enough to hold a controller. My first love was Dragon Warrior for the NES. In high schoool I saved my Taco Johns money and bought a playstation. I had years of fun. I have owned Atari Jaguar, N64, gamecube, Playstation 1,2,3,and 4. I went through four xbox 360s because, while I knew the system was crap, I loved the HALO games. I owned a few computers I those early days, but nothing custom, and none of them were powerful enough to play more than the most basic (or outdated) games. I had a little taste of "good" PC gaming when I slapped an 8400GS (or was it 8400GT?) into my Dell Pentium 4 PC, but that was as far as it went for a while.

But then I built my first custom computer in 2011, starting with a Phenom II 970 with a motherboard and some RAM that i bought off craigslist for $90. It was then that a new world was opened up to me. A world where my list of playable PC games was not restricted to a handful of titles for which my system could "barely" meet the minimum requirements. A world of Steam and Origin, of summer sales with $5 blockbuster games and of not paying a membership fee to play online. A world of 1080p gaming with visuals that would make consoles catch fire.

I used to think using a controller was the only way to play a game. Now I am usually more at home with a keyboard & mouse. And while I currently still own my PS3 and have even bought a PS4 and Xbox One (I like the Sony and Microsoft console exclusives) I currently do 90% of my gaming on my computer. The aged but still agile Phenom is long gone, donated to a friend's first gaming machine, and replaced by my current (depending on when you are reading this) Octacore FX8350. My AIO liquid cooled, multi HDD gaming rig with LEDs and high-airflow coolers lets me play all the games I wish to in the comfort of my thrift store leather chair with my Turtle Beach headset on, playing my preferred First Person Shooter or Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing Game with a backlit keyboard and a 20-button mouse.

And the bug is not gone. Although my computer is finished (more or less, as I have found that there is always room to improve something...) I have not stopped building. Both of my stepsons have gaming computers now, and their sister will be getting her first computer this Christmas. I am always looking for a deal, and have generally been very lucky in finding something that works well for a good price (See my Adrians Blue Bomber, the $100 build with a q6600 and HD5750).

I love playing games on my computer, and I truly enjoy building computers not only for myself, but for others so that they can enjoy video games on PC as well.

Thank you for reading, and happy building!