I love building things.

I love computer games.

Thought I'd give building PCs a try.

2016: My daughter and I started our first build this summer (2016) and so far its been a blast. My background is in building (not so much computers) So I like the challenges of creating good form and aesthetics wile making a fast machine. I hope to post many new builds in the future as I will probably never go back to buying pre-made desktops.

2017: I start building PCs for as many folks as I can. I call the brand PollyTech. My buddy Pat helps me with all things software and code as I am more of a hardware guy. He is the "P" in PollyTech! ... get it... Ollie-Pat.... Polly... LOL

UPDATE: I am now doing mods and scratch builds left and right, year round and I'm EFFING LOVIN' IT Check out my youtube channel:

Click here to see my website that also includes much of the other art I create:

*Thanks for checking out my work. I really love this community and love that we all share our ideas and passion. We all push each other to build better machines, no matter your own skill level or budget. This community has shown me the very best support the PC crowd has to offer