I am a junior in high school in cincinnati, am a captain of my schools robotics team, want to go to Ohio State University for either electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, want to start a case/cooling company for the custom PC market, and I started an electronics club which is a bunch of teachers and students that have experience with building PC's or working with electronics in general, teaching those that want to learn about how electronics work, how to build pc's etc. We also talk about the history of electronics, and I am currently working on assembling a timeline of AMD and Intel CPU's and sockets.

I've been into building pcs since right when the gtx 980 and 4790k were released (their release happening like 2 months before I got into PC's is just a coincidence, they aren't the reason I got into pc's). I started off as an admitted Intel/Nvidia fanboy, but I started to appreciate AMD more around the time the r9 390 was released, due to its performance compared to the gtx 970, with the 390 being marginally better for a little less cash. Then the fury cards were released and I was hyped for those. Then I started hearing about zen, which really put me on AMD's side for cpu's. I kind of switched sides for a second time back to nvidia when the 10 series was released, staying on their side even after like half a year of vega being out, until I heard more about their business practices, especially coming to light as the GPP was put into public knowledge. Frankly, bad business practices don't sell to me, unless the product is like 1000% better than the opposition. This is why I currently consider myself an AMD fanboy (to an extent. I appreciate the merits of the products from nvidia and intel, but I can't stand their practices. They seem a whole lot like apple to me)

In short, I think pc's better when they're red.

outside of pc's, I am a huge fan of motorsport, cars in general, working with my hands and power tools, I am learning how to weld and may use that skill to build my first PC case, I admit that I enjoy Destiny 2, and I play on xbox at the moment because that's what most of my friends are on, though more and more of the people that I meet are on PC, I am pursuing a Ham radio license, want to switch to android but am stuck on apple due to some verizon 'deal', and I am trying (and failing) to learn how to program.

In terms of my experience with pc's, I have been reading up on them for about 6 years, and have been holding off for a long time due to money (I am in high school after all, I didn't get a job until this past summer) and due to prices and such. I built a pc for a friend about a year ago, and that was my first build.