Gaming PC design itself is a game.

Building the best character in an RPG - stats, skills, spells - or the best ship in a space sim - weapons, drives, shields - means learning what the different options are, what they do, how much they cost (in money, mana, or whatever) and whether they're worth it.

Gamers are really good at this!

System design has the same basic idea: optimization for performance under constraint.

Gamers can be really really bad at this!

That's where I come in.

I love gaming and hardware. I hate hype and style-over-substance silliness. So I build gaming PCs that maximize performance for price. My little motto is 'max FPS, not max LEDs'.

If you're playing 'PC Designer' on God Mode (with unlimited funds) then get as many flashy lights and overkill components as it takes to make you happy, but if you're playing on Normal (where value matters) or Hardcore (when every penny counts), then I can help you beat the game.