Started using computers at primary school with the BBC and Acorn Archimedes. At home we used an Amstrad word processor which was all good for text editing but hardly inspiring.

Mostly into consoles during the late 80's and 90's starting with the NES, dabbling with the Gameboy, moving onto the Mega Drive, then advancing to the Playstation.

At home we moved onto a TIME Machine PC running windows 95. Things were getting interesting.

Friends played Counter-strike obsessively in late 90's though I just did not get the fascination back then, being a console scum boy.

Played PS1 and PS2 though uni.

Bought a cheap laptop for uni in 2002 and was able to play Counter-strike in halls of residence. Started to get 'red pilled' with the sheer awe inspiring power and flexibility of the PC.

Bought first ATX PC in early 2004; AMD Athlon 64, 1GB RAM

Built first PC in 2011. AMD Athlon II X3

Built second PC in 2013. AMD FX-8350

Largely used PC for CAD work, engineering reports and retro gaming.