So, I know I have been on here since Nov. of 2013, but I am still new to this. Everything I know about computers I have learned on my own and I am still learning... A LOT. I love computers and I love building them. If I had the money (and my girlfriend could still love me without seeing me) I would build computers all day, everyday. I will turn a 30 minute project into a 3 day affair just so that I can keep building. Up until recently I was definitely an AMD guy, but times have changed and with the addition of my newest build This Monster I figured, if I am going to spend the money, I might as well get the best I can for it, right? I am not claiming to be amazing at this, far from it. I love constructive criticism, keyword being "constructive." My first build here almost turned me away from this site from some of the comments I received, but I have persevered and only gotten better!

I now love the PCPP community and would love to find ways to be more involved in it. I read almost every build, but unlike the great Jipster (who I hadn't heard of until recently) I don't have the wherewithal to comment on all of them. If there's anyway I can be of service, let me know! PM me or just comment on one of my builds!