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Oct. 15, 2017, 6:58 p.m.

About nonoesimposible

My profile really needs a rewrite, lol. I am basically your stereotypical idiot in high school who knows a bit about hardware and stuffs. Most of my time is spent trying to learn Arch Linux and figure out why I'm alive.

Previous profile

Some of it is outdated but most of it still applies

NoNo :P

My most popular post. It was pretty popular.

One of the best parts lists I have come up with so far. Amazing performance on a < $500 budget.

Note that I had some trouble creating the links in my profile. So if clicking on it comes up with an error, try removing the https://.

I like to do some light and very simple 3D game dev (Python + Pygame + OpenGL). I started researching about part names, etc. in November and learned a lot. I finally got enough money to build my first PC in February. It was worth it.

Contributions to the PCPP Community

I haven't been a huge influence around here, lol. But I'm proud of contributing to TragikTimes' profile - I designed and sent him the links of all the TTIH posts.


My history started with a Raspberry Pi. I ran Minecraft Pi and got used to the WASD + mouse movement system. When I finally got a laptop, I started to play Open Arena. It was my first ever FPS. I bugged the poor players online with my terrifically noobish playing, but I got better fast by watching other people kill me. I learned to jump and strafe in order to be harder to hit. I learned that you should never stay still in one spot, ever (especially in a fast-paced Quake clone). I got around 40 FPS at 480p with all settings at low.

While browsing for other FPS's on Debian (back when I used Debian), I saw Red Eclipse. Terrified by the tremendous download size (a whole gigabyte! XD), it took me over two months before I decided to finally install it. I never played OpenArena again. The gameplay was amazing. And the parkour system was unlike any other game. A big part of OpenArena was evasion, and no one can or will ever do it better than RE.

But despite this, RE 1.5.8 was based on the old Cube 2 engine, and it looked like a game from around the 2000's. I learned that "the developers" were working on a version with exceedingly better graphics, using the Tesseract engine with modern rendering techniques. After I started to play this for a couple months, I uninstalled the old version that I never use.

I also do a bit of Zombs Royale. I'm better than most people, but I still die a lot. :P Last time I checked, I was level forty-something (Edit (October 2018) Level 46). I remember when the Duos mode came out in alpha.

And that about wraps it up.


When I first learned how to use a computer, it was running Debian 5. After lots of updates, I finally got to Debian 9, which I had been desperately wanting for a very long time. (Mostly because of all the GNOME changes since 3.4.) After I got Debian 9, though, 3.24, was released, and then 3.26 was released...I started installing most of my apps from flathub in order to get them more up-to-date with the newest features. I always made sure to check for security updates every day.

Once in a while I would try to install Fedora or Arch in a VM, but considering that I only had 4 GB of RAM and an i5 M 520, that wasn't really going to be practical.

I finally realized that Debian wasn't the right distribution for me. Since I'm less of a distro-hopper (in fact, I don't really like changing distros at all), I settled on a rolling-release system. Arch Linux seemed like a good option, but at that time I was very nooby and too scared to try to install true Arch. So I settled on one of those cheap cheaty noob Arch copies (Antergos) and I haven't left it. I loved it from the very first, and it's more stable than I thought. Next time I have to install an OS of my choice on a computer, it will be pure Arch. After using Antergos for a while, I've become a dedicated hacker-type*, and I feel quite confident to follow the installation instructions on the wiki.

Edit: I've heard of Silverblue and that's probably the next distro I'll try. It looks really cool.

*Relative to most ignorant Windows/console peasants I meet. Not as good as a true hacker, but compared to them I am. :P


I started playing my crappy upright piano when I was around five. I've gotten a lot better ;). Now I play stuff like this or this or this.

I do mostly romantic composers, and a bit of Beethoven once in a while.


I learned Python 2 when I was around 9. Then I started doing stuff with Pygame + OpenGL. I'm too lazy to write anymore stuff. :P

import random

def main():
    outcome = random.choice(("won", "lost))
    print("You", outcome)

if __name__ == "__main__":

If you read my rambling all the way to the end without skipping anybody, you deserve some serious credit.

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