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Comment reply on riggo44's Completed Build: Modest AMD A10-7890K "My 1ST Love"

  • 44 months ago
  • 1 point

From looking at your parts that seems like a good set up, and at a less expensive price than what I spent on my AMD Build at very similar performance. Best wishes with your build. Riggo44

Comment reply on Forum Topic "i5 6500 bottleneck the 1070"

  • 45 months ago
  • 0 points

This Is just one mans opinion, but please, please save up the extra 50 bucks, and get a i5-6600k. I don't know you, and if you're like me you might be thinking of a few reason's to go cheaper, and get what you need sooner? I don't know your entire situation , but You will be so happy you waited to save, or a quire that extra 50 bucs.

Please go for the more Advanced Technology, and get the i5-6600k. You will be so happy you did

Comment reply on Forum Topic "BOIS Updates?"

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

I've only been able to pare up three Cpu's and the motherboard socket that matches with that particular CPU. When I pared the last motherboard, and CPU I went to the motherboard's Home web site I then put the model number of that motherboard into the upper right hand search box. Then it will bring up that motherboard. Click on Support, and on the next page Enter your Operating system correct match. The Driver & utilities and Supported CPU's Options should come up.

Enter the CPU where it says Supported CPU's, and you should see a bios update number. Down load that Bios number update to a Flash drive as your motherboard Manufacture recommends. Please double check me, but you should be able to take the downloaded Bios on the Flash drive, and put the flash drive in your new PC. Go into bios, and follow the directions In the section of the bios that says Flash your Bios, or Bios Flash. I recommend reading Your Motherboard Manual Very carefully before attempting To Flash your Bios. There are some Important things to be aware of before doing this.

With proper following all the directions of your motherboard Manual this can be done Safely. Best of wishes

Comment reply on Forum Topic "Why do people hate AMD?"

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think many people hate AMD. I think if people would be honest they really like AMD It's just that AMD was supposed to, or tried to compete with Intel, with a good processor, and they fell short. The FX 8350- FX-8370- FX-9370, and FX-9590 are the only processors to come close to the I5-6600k from intel.

I can't speak for anyone, but I like AMD, and I Don't like having to pay Intels high prices for the LATEST PROCESSOR TECHNOLOGY, but they are the best, and can charge what they want. OK FAIR ENOUGH?, but all that's getting ready to change.

PLEASE read about AMD 8 core/ 16 thread ZEN processor coming in October. Please read about AMD 6-core/12 thread processor also coming soon. Please read about the NEW POARIS RX-480, and the RX-490 coming soon Please read about the new AMD Technology coming SOON PLEASE.

Go to forums Click on "OTHER" , and read "Feelings about CPU Technolgy, and Prices.

Comment reply on Forum Topic "i3 vs i5"

  • 45 months ago
  • -1 points

I would like to help you with this. Here is the easiest answer I can give you. The I3 has 2 cores, and "some"? {hyperthreading> the ability to multitask more at the same time, but very Modestly}. The I3 has 3 to 4mb of cache. Cache is the Memory built on the CPU its self that it stores when you run the same programs over, and over most of this is put into the Cache, or CPU random access memory, but faster.

Think of the i3, as a average car on a long two lane highway with 55MPH Speed limit running through hundreds of miles of isolation , and every 50 miles you have a ALL IN ONE STOP to get food, gas, and whatever.

Now the I5 has 4 cores, with no hyperthreading, but it is already faster, and stronger because it has TWO more cores. The I5 also has TUBO BOOST to get to thos cores faster, but it also has more CACHE 6mb of instint random access memory on the CPU known as CASHE.

Think of the i5 as a nice Sedan driving on a four lane high way with 75 MPH Speed Limit going through 100's of miles of isolation, but you now have ALL IN ONE STOPS EVERY 25 miles, to get what ever you need, and the exit, and merge lanes back to the 4 lane highway are very nice, and easy to drive on. The all in one stops are bigger, and have more to choose from, plus a little more luggage storage rentals if needed to put more items in your car to get you back on your Travels faster, and smoother.

Now picture the I7 as a Very nice Sedan Driving on an 8 lane Super highway. It has 100MPH Speed limit. It has beautiful Exit's at every mile. It has large overpasses , and pristeen EXITS every 5 miles to get you to the ALL IN ONE STOPS FASTER, AND MORE frequently. These all in one stops, have Shopping Malls in them, and nice hotels with nice storage centers. Everything Is faster, and much smoother. You now feel like you have no limitations as you travel on your trip. The whole family is happy, There are now no problems. The thought of even having One inconvienence on your trip is just a faded memory.

I hope this helps you to visualize what it is to have a nice processor better. Sincerely, Riggo44

Comment reply on Forum Topic "Drivers"

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Here is something that will really help you. Before I recommend this product First please understand I would not recommend something that I don't use myself. So You will save time, and be very safe. I have had no problems, except much faster PC

After you build your PC, and set up Bios, and down load windows. #1-Please down load Booster Pro 3 for your Free 30 day Trial. It will Install, and then update ONLY the correct Drivers Your System needs. YES, it will do everything for you. IT TOTALLY MAKES PC BUILDING A BREEZE.

After you update your drivers with "Booster Pro 3" check out "Advance System Care 9.3" from IObit It keeps my system nice, and clean, and fast. I liked it so much I bought a year subscription before my 30 days was up. I get 3 UFO's now on UserBenchMark.

Comment reply on Forum Topic "I just started to try doing client builds!"

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

Best wishes to you. The way I see it is you would have to basically start a small personal company. You would have to get really good at multitasking. Fixing peoples broken Computers, Tablets, I-pads. Loading Windows for people. Expanding Storage for people. I mean you're going to watch every darn You tube video on the internet, and memorize it so you can Yes "Accassionally" build some one a nice Computer, but Most People don't need the kind of computers that cost 1500+ most people are on older technology, but you need to get good at being a salesman too. Master it all, and get you're name around you're town, or city, and you will eat good, but maybe not at first.

This will take time, but if you're serious, it can be attained. The only way is to master it all, or master most of all the electronic needs of families, and buisines, and it can work for you.

Comment reply on Forum Topic "Anyone noticed a somewhat big increase of price in parts lately?"

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

I checked, and you're right? I got EVO-850 256gb last month for $84.99 hmmm very strange??. Well, I noticed that most of all the price increases were from Samsung. Maybe Due to all the possitive data from AMD is causing Samsung to try to make all the money they can before ZEN 8/16 , and the new 480/490 gpu. Come, and grab a huge share of the market soon?

I have been following what little AMD information is available, and in my opinion I think that the ZEN 8/16 will most likely be more efficient than the i7-6700k? I don't know how much more, but more. Then you have the RX-480, and the RX-490 around the corner that is going to give Nvidia a run for that share of the market.

I do not know, but as some of us that are rooting for AMD to do very well when I read all the data I can't help, but to feel very optimistic that AMD is getting ready to at least make things very interesting. With performance, and price "Equally."-

I say this because from the information available I think There is going to be some, or many happy PC Enthusiast out there in the next 6-9 months I do believe. I also so believe that AMD's prices are not going to be as high as some might speculate, and here is why I believe that. AMD has very low overhead, and has always tried to deliver a decent product for a very fair price. When I built my 1st rig I could not afford Intel. I just couldn't So my 1st rig was a AMD - A10-7890k APU/R7-250GPU, and for a 1st timer I was very pleased. As I saved my money over the next few months I built my Rendering Rig with Intel, and I'm also very pleased, but not pleased enough to spend that kind of money AGAIN!!!! Yes I'm just an average joe with limited PC funds.

Yes I wish I could afford a I7-6950xtreme, but I can't, and I never will be able to. So here is my HOPE&DREAMS all wrapped up in one I Truley believe with all my heart that AMD charges around 200. dollars for 8 cores. That's about 25 a core. If you add 8 more thats 400. I do not see them charging more than 30 dollars a core. So here is just my prediction. I predict in my opinion that the new ZEN 8/16 will be somewhere between 350, and 500, and I would be SHOCKED if it were on the high side just shocked. I think it will be very close to 350-400., and the AMD ZEN 6/12 core/thread will be 199-299 tops.

Please keep in mind if they go crazy expensive then they've done nothing- nothing, because no one would be able to afford it anyway, but that's not going to happen, because AMD is about to get back in the game Bigtime. IN 2017 I would also be SHOCKED if the I7-6950 was not around 799.00 Yes Now I am no great Guzoo on the Flintstone's or Merlin the magician, but Things are getting ready to change, and as sure as I'm writing this post a year from now it will have changed. The PC market will have changed. I think most, or 60% will be AMD , and the other 40% will be the newer technology sliding in 2017 forcing the older technology down as always.

Hopefully My next computer build 2017 will be 8/16 ZEN with RX-390, and I think I will still have some lunch money left over. Sincerely Riggo44


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