About me

Hello! I'm Ross, an 19 yr guy who loves pc's. I've loved computers from a young age but only started getting into building and learning about them in 2013- 2014. After some time, I decided it was time that I had to learn about them myself and do something productive with my spare time and that is when I discovered PCPP which is where I've learned just about everything that I know from all the users here that spend their free time helping others.

PCPP also has one of the best set of staff members you could ask for, they are always interacting with users and updating the website, getting feedback and making the whole experience for anyone a good one. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Information about the maximum temperature you should have

NAS Basics

Most used/Common GPU's descending from most powerful to least powerful

  • Titan V
  • GTX Titan Xp
  • GTX Titan X (Pascal Version)/1080 ti
  • GTX 1080/1070 ti
  • GTX 1070
  • GTX Titan X/GTX 980 TI/Fury X
  • R9 Fury
  • R9 Nano
  • GTX 980 /R9 390X/RX 480,580/GTX 1060
  • R9 390/RX 570/GTX 970/RX 470
  • R9 290X/GTX 780 Ti/Titan Black
  • R9 290
  • GTX 780
  • GTX 770/R9 380X
  • R9 380/R9 285
  • GTX 960/R9 280/1050ti/R9 280X
  • GTX 950/R9 270X/GTX 1050/RX 460/RX 560/GTX 760
  • R9 270/R7 370/R7 265
  • R7 260X/GTX 750 Ti
  • R7 360

Power Supplies to be aware of

Corsair CX 430w is okay for low end builds, 500/600/750 are not bad but they aren't good, there is better for the same price. The new CXM are pretty decent, 450w/550w/650w/750w, you can tell they are the new ones if the logo on the PSU is grey/black.

EVGA 400w Bad

Thermaltake TR2 Bad

EVGA 500b and 600b are good for budget builds but shouldn't be used for high end builds

EVGA NEX/G1 aren't great, just better things in the same price range

Some things you should try do/follow

  • Always buy Windows from a legitimate retailer.
  • Always research. Doing a bit of research on a certain item will save you a lot of pain.
  • Don't base things on personal experience. Just because it didn't work for you, doesn't mean it's a bad product. Personal experience doesn't equal fact.
  • Don't be a fanboy. It's OK to have a preference, but once you start flipping your crap is where it goes overboard.
  • Don't be a jerk. Just don't. Please don't be that one guy who spews out crap and calls it fact.
  • There's this handy thing call "Forum Search". It will save you trouble when looking for a question that could have already been answered.
  • Ask questions. No one learned anything from figuring it out on their own. It's a good thing to ask questions, and it won't make you look dumb or anything like that.
  • Remember that not everyone thinks like you.