I am kind of nerding out on the PC culture. After growing up in a technical family, I quit building PCs at the end of the 90s and became a console devotee. After several decisions to replace the Xbox 360 or PS3 but never following thru, I noticed the current state of PC equipment and was overwhelmed.

My build list is a mish mash of different versions of possible upgrade paths or platform changes. Creating these build list is something of an obsession of mine and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on this site, building dream rigs then deleting them. Recently I noticed the forum and threw myself into it.

Feel free to peruse my random builds and comment how ridiculous they might be. I however will not criticize anything you have built because I have no idea what set of actual reasons influenced why a system has any particular set of design features. Unless of course, you are asking. Then I relish the chance to give input on any particular build, hoping I can help improve someone's' perfect gaming or streaming system.

Cheers, Stalewind